Friday, June 01, 2007

...gonna happen, something new.

wow, kwazy berry cannot believe that she already has 100 entries in this blog. kwazy berry has had 100 things to muse about. this is the 101 entry. this calls for a celebration! come on, bring out the champagne!!

and yes, kwazy berry gonna have something new happening in her life soon. kwazy berry is so berry excited!! berry berry nervous at the same time also. a new future ahead. this also calls for a celebration! come on, tune up the music!

kwazy berry do not want to reveal much now. until she is berry berry certain.

in the meantime, come live life to the fullest with kwazy berry.


Ebbs said...

you are killing ebby the cat. meow..

ev said...

ebby the cat??

anyways kwazy berry, tell us quick! me don't like suspense like that...hehe

Ebbs said...

ebbs - the human side
ebby - the kitty side

kwazy berry said...

watch out for snippets that i may reveal (keyword: may, not definite). not ready to make formal announcement yet as things are still uncertain. maybe it won't even happen.

kwazy berry just love to snatch a few lives out of all you kitty cats. don't worry, this curiousity will not kill you.