Friday, May 18, 2007

...the 1 that jumps over the 3 while kicking 0 away.

yep, it's the anniversary of living again.

this time, i gotta admit that age runs fast. surprising to me. coz i thot that with time, age would slow down. but no-no. ever climbing. i tried many times to obliterate my association with age, but failed. trust me, disowning age didn't work either. hiding my relationship with age just gets me into deeper mire.

unwillingly, i've been dragged, while resisting and denying with all my might, to confess that i've been pushed over the cliff. i guess i am no longer accepted once the twenties bid me adieu. and since i didn't leave gracefully last year, they gotta kick me off with stark reality.

ok... wishing with my eyes closed before the day loses its charm. can i make more than one wish? please, please, please...

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