Friday, June 15, 2007

...coffeeshops with tvs.

i had an interesting observation over lunch today. a people observation.

if the coffeeshop has a tv (or many tvs), you will notice that 90% of the people will take a seat facing the tv. it doesn't matter if they are actually watching the show or that they come in a group. their eyes will automatically wander to the tv. even when they are talking with their friends, time to time, their eyes will flicker towards the tv.

i doubt that many are really enjoying what's on the screen. i guess having the tv there gives them a sense of focus. for those who came alone, it is a form of distraction while waiting for the food or a pleasant entertainment to while away the time. for those who came in a group, it can become a topic of conversation or better still, save them from having to make a conversation.

lately, i have been thinking a lot of how it is to be living life on my own (since i will have to in one month's time). will i be one of those who will choose a coffeeshop that has a tv? will i take a seat facing the tv so that i look occupied, especially when i have to wait for the food? will i spend my time watching the idiot box there just to pass time? and courtesy of mr. kok's revelation, will people, when they look at me, think i'm the sticky kind of gal because i'm eating alone?

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IceAce said...

If i eat alone, i sure read book or play my NDS ( use one hand can play game already ), u know, if u dont do something when u eat alone, people will think u are "lonely person "....becuase u look everwhere when u eating.