Sunday, May 06, 2007

...the life of city folks.

Everyone looks forward to holidays. Especially working people. It's a day where we don't have to work and yet get paid for it.

But when the holiday arrives, we realise that the anticipation is greater than the actual. Many city folks just do not know what to do. The usual stuff is to sleep, watch movies either on DVDs or at the cinema, shop, makan-makan, lepak at malls, etc.

Is that all to it?

I guess it boils down to having friends and family to hang out and do stuff with. I may be a typical city gal. I am a typical city gal. The plan for karaoke may be scrapped. The plan to picnic by the river may seem illogical coz of the rain lately. But I've no regrets hanging out at my friend's place, eating her homemade chicken pie (yummy!), chit chatting non-stop and playing Boggle with 2 of my good friends.

That was a great afternoon on a holiday.

Never mind the fact that I had to suffer the whole night with last minute stuff to complete, e-mails to send out, getting only a few hours of sleep... coz the next day, I'm on my way to another travel destination. Yipee!

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