Saturday, April 21, 2007

...high toity nose-in-the-air i-know-it-all people.

i was reading in the papers about how snobbery occurs among the rich societe. i'm glad that i'm not part of them. coz the pressure is too much to just "belong" and be part of the in-crowd or so called popular group. i don't think i can take it. i would crack and break down, well not so much of break down but more of going nuts and screaming in a lunatic way. i guess i wouldn't trade what i am now or what i have (or not have) now for that kind of life. though i wouldn't mind if life boost me up a bit in the rich part.

as i read about how people would go, "this is the latest designer bag, you know..." or "oh, this is so last season..." or even "this costs me only..." where only is equivalent to my salary amount, suddenly it occurs to me that these lines seem a bit too familiar and too close. the sentences will go something like... "this is the newest technology, you don't know meh?" or "aiyah, i already know about it, like few months back, now only you know ar?" or even "so easy what, i also can do, that person no skill-lah".

yes, welcome to the snobbery of the IT world. it's really hard to keep up with the Joneses in this world too. suddenly, everyone becomes the expert. everyone knows it all. if you are clueless and not updated, you are left at the fringe of the "in-crowd" circle. like the snobs in the rich world, what can most people do but fake their way in too. pretending that they know what's happening, showing off and saving face.

well, it's an animal world out there. all the best to you.

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Anonymous said...

aiii...nowday those teenager and adult got no more topic to talk..they less sensitive with social,political and the things happen around them.That why malaysia can be rule by one party for 50 years...