Tuesday, December 28, 2004

...the Tsunami tragedy.

The tragedy of the quake which caused the tsunami hits close to home. It caused utter devastation that I can't bear to even think about. Thousands of people died, mostly in Tamil Nadu, Sri Lanka, Acheh and Phuket. These places, already struggling to survive in a harsh world, are again thrown into chaos.

I mourn for the loss of lives. But it is to the survivors that I feel deeply for. How are they going to pick up and continue with their lives? What are they left with - when everything is gone and wiped out? Their family, home, life savings and community were literally swept away. How will they be able to protect themselves from the onslaught of diseases that will emerge as a result of this disaster?

In the midst of this, I can't help but to thank God for putting me where I am. Though Malaysia is so much closer to the epicentre of the earthquake than many other affected countries, we didn't suffer as much loss. It seems so selfish to be so glad that I still have everything intact and I did not lose anyone to the catastrophe.

It made me think about what life is consist of. I question myself as to what will happen if the tsunami or even any other big scale natural disaster had hit KL and my home. All kinds of questions pop into my head. Questions that will hold no answers unless it becomes a reality but we wish it not be so. Suddenly, material things do not seem to matter anymore. The TV in which I love to glued myself at, the hundred of books that I deem as my treasure, the money I saved, the new clothes I bought - all these can disappear in just a few seconds. What is the point of getting attached to things? And so begin the thoughts and ponderings... and coincidently New Year's day is drawing near and thus the time again to reflect and make new resolutions.

How do you want your life to be?
How do I want my life to be?

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