Thursday, September 09, 2004

...the dreams before the wake.

Dreams are always weird.

I'm not even talking about nightmares. Just dreams... the ones that runs in your mind while your physical self lies asleep. R.E.M. That's what some people call the dream stage of your sleep.

For the past few months, I had been dreaming a lot. Dreams that occur the moment just before I wake up in the morning. The dreams that I dreamt are really bizzare. So many people I know were in my dreams - from those I see everyday to the friends I knew during my schooldays to people I hardly know except for their names. Scenes in my dreams changed so fast that I can hardly keep track of the places that I went to. Of course, as usual, logic does not apply.

Being me, I cannot really remember my dreams after a few days. However the moment I woke up, I could. Maybe I should put a pen and paper at my bedside to record my dreams as soon as I wake up. Some people say that dreams are subtle ways to convey something to your own self. Some feel that dreams do come true, albeit the opposite. Do you think it's time I analyse my dreams?

I guess the one recent dream that I will not forget (nor will my friends who have heard it) is the one about yours truly ended up with a patch of baldness. Thinking about it still brings a chuckle out. The funny thing is that the dream was so real. The most realistic dream that I ever had, in the sense that it mirrored my daily life and it was kind of logical. Maybe it was actually a nightmare. I certainly felt so that morning. I do agree with my dream analysts (i.e. my colleagues) that that dream was a reflection of my state of mind at that point of time. Well, if you want to know what my dream was, you gotta ask me personally. ;D

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Joline said...

Hullo, just a random passerby courtesy of the "next blog" button... :-)
Yeah, dreams are really odd aren't they?
I used to have dreams about my teeth chipping off, my teeth falling out, or just feeling shaky.
I dream about that on different days so it could be something more than just "a simple meaningless dream". A friend of mine said that teeth related dreams reflect "losing your grip on things and situations", "losing your control on circumstances".
Oh, there was another dream that had a voice say to me "This is not a dream." before i woke up. Try that for dream analysis!
haha, anyway, have a nice day, and more funny dreams. :-)