Saturday, August 04, 2007

...the clumsy berry.

i am suspecting that something is wrong with my motor skills or my neurons. OR things are not just going my way. sigh...

lately, i have been quite clumsy, accident prone, and having butter fingers. here are the cases that happened in the last 2 weeks:
  • i scraped 2 of my right toes on the underside of a table's legs coz i slipped on the slippery floor in a coffeeshop. plaster required.
  • i slipped when i was trying to bend down to pick up money that flew out of my hand coz i didn't have a good grasp of it coz i was also trying to prevent money from flying off the table
  • i have a few scratches on my legs from plastic bags after buying groceries
  • i dropped the same thing twice in the supermarket and the same thing again when i was in the process of putting it away in the cupboard
  • i broke one of my favourite earrings (sob! sob!) while combing my hair
  • the strap on one of my handbags snapped when i was in the supermarket
  • while having lunch, a piece of chicken flew and dropped onto my lap while i was trying to cut it. needless to say, it stained my freshly washed skirt.
  • while having lunch on another day, i dipped the lower part of my cardigan onto a tray of curry while trying to reach for another sauce

in addition to the above, i also broke my fingernails and toenails a few times and found a few bruises caused by i dont know what.

so what's wrong with me??


Kan Chan said...

I know why.... you have not build good rapport with Penang yet. Still very "sang poh".

Knowing that you miss KL so much, Penang must be jealous.

Ebbs said...

streaks of unfortunate events...
take some pamelo leaves and sprinkle water on yourself, on second thought, maybe splashing it would be more effective. hahaha.

alex-dreamland said...

hmm....this is are so good in stage performing and come? any possibility that Penang good food, good life had put on some "weight" on you...hehehhe.....