Saturday, May 12, 2007

...the definition of honeymoon walk.

Nope, kwazy berry didn't get married and gone for a honeymoon.

Kwazy berry and sleepy wabbit proudly coined a new phrase "honeymoon walk". It has yet to be listed in dictionaries. Hopefully, it will be circulated widely soon.

honeymoon walk
noun, verb
an extremely slow stroll to minimise the use of energy, usually used to disguise the lack of fitness while walking (or hiking)

It was a steep hike up Mount Sibayak. Kwazy berry said to sleepy wabbit in a breathless rasp, "Let's honeymoon walk." They then slowed down their pace to a honeymoon walk that quadrupled the time it normally took to cover that particular stretch of trek.

Confession of an unfit berry...
Yes, kwazy berry admits that she is getting old. Her last mountain hike was exactly 10 years ago up Mount Kinabalu (if minus small hills now and then). Kwazy berry have succumbed to the popular disease known as lackofexercise. Though she's aware that the disease is spread by laziness and unhealthy diet, she has not done anything to prevent it nor took any redemptive actions to minimise the impact. Symptoms include breathlessness after a 5-minute hike up a (very, very, very) steep incline, non-stop whining and complaining, feelings of regret for not staying in good shape with regular exercise, multiple rest stops in the guise of enjoying the beauty of nature but in actual fact it's due to the need to recuperate, and pain in the legs that will last a few days.

Dissatisfaction of a disgruntled berry...
After all our hard work of huffing and puffing, we didn't even get to see the volcano crater. Reason: It was too dangerous to cross because of the strong winds. But then, kwazy berry will never attempt to climb again! It was a burst berry that went away, disappointed and dejected.

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