Wednesday, April 18, 2007

...the second half of year two-zero-zero-seven.

i have never left my calendar year so blank before. like what my friend once said, single people will always find activities to fill up their weekends and public holidays.

well, i am leaving july to december of this year free at the moment. (oh, except blocking two weekends for my cousin's wedding.) all other plans i have stop at june 30th. that date is of course the date of one of my "bestest" friend's wedding. and it's the marker for me.

why am i doing this? coz i just don't know what i want to do with my life right now. i know i want a change but i don't know of what kind. i know i want to move on but i don't know to what. i don't want to make decisions that tie me up because i want to be able to, you know, drop and go. get what i mean?

countdown twelve days to my next marker. yep, i set markers. too much of listening to the videos. ok, i know you are clueless of what i mean by this. but cryptic is all i can give right now. coz heck, i don't even know myself now. talk about what woman want. complicated-lah.

p/s: i think kwazy berry has gone bonkers.


Ebbs said...

lotsa free space for your supposedly boyfren ryan. ;)

kwazy berry said...

kissy kissy to ryan. his mother likes me. so no problem dating this cutie. so when's the first date?