Sunday, August 27, 2006

...the nonsense some people can utter.

After living without reading the newspapers for five days, I finally had a chance to glance through a few news late at night.

And I laughed out loud over a ridiculous comment made by a certain person.

"...since the state does not have discos or nightclubs, how can vice exist?"

By vice, he is referring to prostitution, which was the main headline of a daily English paper.

Oh my goodness, how shallow can a person's thinking be? Vice or prositution does not need discos or nightclubs to exist. This vice will be where immorality is. Immorality is found in the hearts of people who do not fear God and who shun chastity.

This particular fella went on to say that the people there are "cultured and did not subscribe to such pursuits".

I still do not get how being cultured is related to such pursuits. I mean, the lords and ladies of 18th and 19th century England were deemed to be cultured, and yet they pursued sexual immorality rampantly.

To make sure that I did not go astray in my thinking, I decided to check the dictionary for the meaning of being "cultured".

refined understanding or the arts and other intellectual achievement

I rest my case.

I, then, read the next article on the same page.

Two gigolo wannabes come clean with story - that was the headline.

These two guys were duped of their cash. I coudn't help it. I laughed out loud again. But with fond memories, I recalled how I couldn't even recognise a gigolo right in front of me, offering me his services. Now, that was funny.

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