Tuesday, June 21, 2005

...two funerals on the same street.

There's two funerals on the street opposite my house. One is slightly to the right and the other a little bit down the road on the left. Only ten houses apart.

(For those who have been to my house before, you know that the road I lived on branches into two so that the house directly opposite mines is actually on a different street.)

Anyway, it was kinda spooky to return at 2030 hours to find two houses having makeshift canopies. And the reason wasn't any celebration. It was death. According to my source (i.e. my Filipino maid), the deceased were both men and they both died of cancer. The difference is one is conducting a Buddhist ceremony and the other a Christian service.

My mom has this theory that the housing area we lived in is a place where there's a lot of old people. How did she come out with this theory? Coz there's a lot of funerals here. Don't ask me why she prefers to theorise it this way. After all, not only old people pass away.

I don't know whether to treat her theory as good or bad. Good because it means that the place I lived in is peaceful and safe enough for people to pass their final years. Bad because of, well, the many deaths.

It was just less than a month ago when the mother of the neighbour on my right passed away at a ripe old age. (I wasn't around in Malaysia at that time.) His mother was staying three doors away. (The three houses on my right sort of belong to the same family.) I used to see her feeding the chickens in her compound.

I think this blog is morbid enough and I shall stop.

And I shall not mention the theory my mom has on the neighbour to my left.

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